My bad voices are harming my good voices

I’m so sad about this. I keep tellingyself they are not real but I still have to experience it. My bad voices are sexually harming my good voices and just being mean in general.

I used to yell at the mean voices. Getting very actively mean to them and calling them pure evil.

It would be different if there weren’t fun times for awhile where everything was mostly good. Now it seems I’m being punished for forming relationships with my good voices. They are the ones to suffer and I am suffering with them.

I could use some perspective or even an opinion.

Can you explain?

What meds are you on? Did you try Clozapine?

I tune out 99% of what my voices do when they’re acting up - they’re a waste of my time and attention. Even scrubbing a toilet is more productive. Petting the kitty while having a cuppa is better.

Yes I’ve tried clozapine. Nothing works.

Can I explain? There aren’t details. The bad voices just say they are sexually harming the good ones. The good ones say they want it to stop. Sometimes the good ones ask me for help and I just say there is nothing I can do.

Some of the voices tell me that it’s not real and I need to realize that I’m crazy and maybe it will stop. Good advice, but it still disturbs me.

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That’s good advice. I made the mistake of getting to know my voices. Now I’m having emotions, as if to think of them as actual people somewhere.

@Om_Sadasiva have you ever had this problem?

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You mean bad voices harassing good voices?
No, i haven’t experienced it.

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You gotta stop thinking of the voices as people.

They’re just voices, like the voices of people who talk to you when you’re in a dream.

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Sometimes PornoLouisa says
“Dont hear Isidore, he is stupid” etc.
So they say that other voices are bad.
But not harassing them directly

I have a good spirit/voice (Sarah) and an evil one (Alien). Sarah defends me against Alien and Alien defends himself against Sarah but he doesn’t attack her, he attacks me

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