My autistic special needs niece and bar soap

Last week, we ran out of the liquid soap in the basement shower. As my dad was going to the store, I asked him to pick up some bar soap.

My autistic, special needs niece visits and stays overnight for 2 nights a week.

My dad mentioned that she had a thing with bar soap, so he had to hide them in the basement bathroom. I did not know what he was talking about.

Anyway, the next day…I think it was the next day…dad comes up and shows me her bag that she takes back home with her. She had taken the packaged up bar soap and hidden it in her bag to take home.

So, dad removes it and i guess places it downstairs.

I go to take my shower. I cannot find the soap anywhere. Since Im undressed and nude I dont want to go ask where it is, so I just use shampoo to clean with :confused: .

After taking the shower I go up and ask dad what happened to the bar soap. He says he hid it behind some stuff in the door of this cabinet thingy we have down there. I told him I looked there and it wasnt there.

I go look again. Finally after searching for some time, I find it unboxed and hidden behind something and high up on top of the cabinet. Apparently she had found it, opened it used it for something…no idea what, but it looked used, and hid it from us.

So yeah…I guess she likes bar soap a lot.


That was so vague that I don’t even want to think about it.

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what? what she used it for? She probably just rubbed it on her face or something. IDK. She likes to rub stuff on her face sometimes. But I have no idea.


Someone once told me don’t ask and don’t tell.

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That is really interesting. Maybe she really enjoys the texture of bar soap. I have noticed that bar soap has a very different feel and texture to it as opposed to liquid soap.

I try to always keep a little thing of liquid soap in my bathroom and some hand towels. I’m not too terrible of a bachelor.



Yes, that is likely it. She likes to play with playdoh and similar things with her hands, and sometimes her face. she likes to feel things.


i cant judge regardless of what it is as i used to chew plastic bottle caps often when i was younger

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My housemate I live with is autistic and he has sensory issues too. He likes to touch things like leafs and soil and put them in his mouth. He got something called pica. He’s better than he used to be though.

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I watch soap asmr sometimes… I do love to see a bar of soap being cut into pieces.