My autistic friend won't come out with me

He just gets overwhelmed when I say let’s do this. He just gave up today and just said he’ll do activities at this centre for schizoprenics where he gets his injection, walk to save on foods sometimes and wait for the rapture. I almost had him quite a few times then he backs out. He’s over weight from his antipsychotics. And other medication he’s on five. So he’s self conscious, he doesn’t want to be seen.the respiridone he was on before have him man boobs He has religious paranoia. He thinks the world is ending. He has crippling OCD he even went on paliperidone so he wouldn’t be able to have sex because he wants to be sexless.Mostly because of his Christianity. I’ve tried so many times. What can I do?. He rather play video games and get tortured by Jesus. He doesn’t like to socialize. That’s my friend. All he will do is text with me. Ive tried. He’s got to get better. He only listens to christian music now too. Lol. I like the guy but I can’t help him. All I can do is text him


Maybe it’s not good to be so descriptive but none of you know him

Can you please edit out “jesus” and change Christianity to religion.

Sensory overload is a thing.

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I don’t do much of the religion stuff but I’m on the autism spectrum and I get overwhelmed being amongst people like I don’t know what to say so I just awkwardly stand there.

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