My attempt at poetry

A chocolate milkshake
Emerging from yon morning mist
Would really hit the spot right now.


There was a young lady name Sally,
Who enjoy the occasional dally,
She sat on a lap of a well-endowed chap and cried, "Sir! You’re right up my alley! "


There once was a girl named Shelly
Who complained of a pain in her belly
The doctor said gas, and the pain will pass,
Now Shelly is well but she’s smelly.


There once was a girl from Nantucket…

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A man decided to go for a walk
but soon discovered there was a lot of stalk
with them he would not talk
instead he just stood there and gawked

And the pitcher balked,
Walking in the tying run.
Oh my, he exclaimed.

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Round these parts, that morning mist is a fine cloud of poo particles from the cow plant. If that’s where you’re getting your milkshake from…

May the force be with you