mY Art [smthing special]


Great spooky .?? Was up man…!!!


I didn’t know you are now infested - Spook.

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Great! Cool. What;s it say?

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Hi @daze you back girl!?

ohhhhh, no probably not, honey. how’s you, old friend?

Great! I think you should come back :slight_smile:

I just started posting again myself. You add excitement to this place.

Like it lots @Infested!

okay. I could I guess, but I’m busy on Facebook, and my blog, and cooking and cleaning for my man, and taking care of our dog.

Well doesn’t need to be your life… I’m busy working now… but it’s gets slow and I couldn’t handle being in the restaurant anymore because there’s too many people eating lunch, so I’m in my car waiting for a delivery.

Glad to see your ok

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Now if I could just get ahold of @mortimermouse ugh he was my forum crush :disappointed_relieved:

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