My art/paintings

Thank you for the lovely comments :slight_smile: there’s a bunch of my art in this topic, I don’t know it might be annoying to go through 160 comments to find the art. I should start a new topic?

Good work 151515

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Wow you are so creative more creative then me :frowning: i wish i had the patience to do something like that. I brought dolls hoping i could create outfits for them like you but i kept making mistakes now i have sold them all because i dont see a point in making myself suffer. How do you do it with this disease.

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Creativity is a strange thing. I believe there is creativity in all of us. It’s just important to find an outlet for that creativity. For some it is art, music or writing. I also believe that consuming creative stuff keeps the creativity going. So listening to music or looking at other people’s art might help.

As for doll clothing, it is really hard at first. I’m a professional seamstress and I find doll clothing hard. So taking baby steps might help. Patience is key. It took me ages to realize that I don’t have to finish art or anything creative right away. I can leave it work-in-progress and it is allright. I can continue working with it later.

After recovering from schizophrenia I had to re-learn my creative progress and it took me years. I have very little art from 2007-2010 as I had to basically learn how to create art from the start. I worked really hard with it.

Also comparing art and creativity is not easy, as everybody’s art is different. Drawing is a skill you can learn and get better at. Technical talent can be learned. You can compare techical drawing skills but comparing creativity is a lot harder.

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today I finished two paintings! this is a fun illustration. I have a wish to draw pictures into a storybook, I would write a story myself if I was good with words, but illustrating a fairy tale would be just my dream come true.

the second painting is a portrait, of a person who inspires me to make art. my muse, kind of. but this painting might be too much for this forum to post, so I won’t put it here.