My arms look alien

I think I’m hallucinating. My arms look freakishly long and thin, but they feel really short and heavy. I can barely lift my phone.

I’ve taken 15mg Truxal, but it doesn’t seem to do much.
I’m considering asking my friend to drive me home, but I’m scared he’ll just ask me about going to the hospital or something.

My heart is pounding.

Any thoughts?

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Seek medical attention.

Is this something you’ve experienced before?

Sometimes for brief moments.

I called the psych emergency room, and they told me to take more Truxal and call my pnurse in the morning, or call them if my condition worsens.

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did you take more truxal per their instructions?

Yes. I only have the 15mg here, I’m used to taking 25 mg, so I’m hoping it will take the edge off.
It usually doesn’t get rid of my symptoms, but it usually takes away the feeling of dread and despair.

Just take control of your emotions, and think about something else. I know that’s easier said than done.

It’s hard. It’s like it fills my head up and I can’t focus on anything else.


I know what you mean. I take a nootropic to help me focus. I didn’t have it for a whole day and I wasike that. It’s scary. I just got on the nootropic, but i was always like what your saying. Hang in there. It will pass.

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i’m no professional but it sounds like this might be temporary. you know how to seek medical attention if you need it.

in the mean time it is very scary and disorientating. during times like this i find it best to let everything else go. there is nothing you need to do today. the important thing is getting past this here and now.

do you have a technique you could try. something to calm yourself, distract yourself or change your perspective?

weird and scary as it sounds i lock myself in the bathroom with no lights on, a towel pushed against the bottom of the door and ear plugs in so i can remove external stimuli and center myself. (not suggesting you should try that, just saying we all have our own tricks or techniques) what’s yours?

I sometimes listen to music and lie down with the lights off and try to just let my mind wander with the music.

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that’s an excellent one.

do you think you could try doing that now please?

I’ll do it when I get home. I’m at a friend’s place, but he’s taking me home soon.

sounds like a plan stan.

hang in there and do the best you can until you get home.

afterwards, post and let us know. ok?

Ok, will do. Thanks :slight_smile:

your welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

your awesome and everything is going to be ok.

you’ve gotten through this before, i have faith you can do it again.

Thank you.

You’re right, I’ve been through it before and I’ll get through it again. When I get home, I’m going to take 50mg Seroquel and see if I can sleep it off.

Update: I’m at home, had a good talk with my friend and I’ve taken the seroquel. I’m getting drowsy already.

I’ll go to bed soon, hoping I feel better tomorrow.
Thank you all for helping me :slight_smile:

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Hey all. I’m feeling better today, sleeping really helped. :slight_smile: