My arm is still sore!

from last thursdays injection, i’ve never been sore longer than 48 hours before. i told my nurse i was getting lumps at the injection site so she took her time giving me the shot this time, pushing the needle in very slowly and slowly releasing the meds. this is worse than lumps, it’s almost been a week and my arm is still sore. i want to workout, but it hurts when i do shoulder exercises.

Try ibuprofen. It reduces swelling


Haha - im sure its how they jab it in. One cpn who covers for my regular one, is a nightmare with it - and it always hurts. My regular one does it no problems.

Just massage the lump in with your fingers - and put a bag of frozen peas on it.

If its too much - ask to have it in your backside where there is more fat.

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