My appearance is horrendous...

When my husband held a knife over me I called on my neighbour to help. She took 3 hours prior to inviting me back into my own home. Sadly, they saw fit to medicate me. Four years later following memory loss, she continued to inflict extreme harm. My pills became so strong that I couldn’t understand why I had become so disabled. By the time my husband and I had a baby, my husband literally disappeared and became engrossed in work. I was hardly good company. Also, his work took him overseas. I could easily have thought that he was having an affair but because I knew nothing, I left it. On birth, he was so annoyed that I became scared. I literally couldn’t get through to the NHS and every time I called 111, my mobile cut out. Of course, nobody believed me. By the time they made an excuse to drive me to a distant psychiatric ward, combined with a dangerous prison, I was stuck elsewhere without my daughter. The major trouble started here. I came out almost autistic, scared and sedated. On arriving back home, I recommenced coffee with my neighbour (me not really knowing what was going on)! … sadly, I felt semi paranoid that she was secretly pleased. I forgave her because she has had a very hard life, making tough decisions like counter-terrorist police officers would do. Sort of things about whether she should wreck someone or not. I have to say, despite being an unwitting member of the public, my life is no longer worthwhile. I started with the experience of child abuse, followed by schizophrenia, followed by hard work, followed by a wrecked marriage, fear for my baby and I and recently, there is scarring all over my face and they have left me unconscious at night whilst providing unwanted surgery that goes wrong. I feel nothing now.

Surgery and scarring? For what and by who?

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