My apologies

I apologize for using the “R” word. Won’t happen again.


Its okay dude…!!!


I’m sorry too. I used this word as well.


I know better but I used the “R” word IRL earlier this week. I was referring to a situation (not a person), but it’s still not OK to use the “R” word. :frowning:


I think it’s a good idea that mental R was renamed Intellectual Disability Disorder (IDD). This change in nomenclature was fairly recent (I believe mental R was used in DSM-IV), so sometimes a person isn’t using it as a pejorative, but simply not up-to-date on terminology. My niece had (she’s deceased) mental R (as it was known then), so I have personal experience with this word.

An example of changing nomenclature can be found in Japan. The word “schizophrenia” is considered a pejorative, and the new term for schizophrenia is “integration disorder.”

So, yeah, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with rapidly changing terminology (my scope goes beyond the R word).

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I find "integration disorder " more offensive.

I integrate just fine. I just do it both on earth and in outer space.


The R word is very strong. I don’t like it. I’ve been called it before and I’m not an R. But forgiveness is divine. :slight_smile:

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Me too, it was one of my favorite words in real life. :slight_smile:

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