My apologies to @velociraptor and the forum

Again my sincerest apologies to @shutterbug and to others on the forum.
I shouldn’t have questioned another persons diagnosis.
There are quite a few examples of those diagnosed with schizophrenia that are able to function at “normal” levels.

It wasn’t my place to play psychiatrist.

I am in the process of making some medication changes that are making me a bit more irritable/combative than usual but not making excuses for my behavior.


I get irritable if I miss a dose of my AP. It’s that fast for me.

It was thoughtful of you to apologize to velociraptor


You said nothing wrong…
People already forgotten it…
Disagreement is normal…
You are not perfect and don’t worry to much…

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Like he cares…

What’s that supposed to mean?

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I appologised to him at least three times, even tried via pm but he doesn’t receive pm’s

I’m sure @shutterbug will appreciate your apology, @Wave. It’s true, we want to make sure not to judge what we don’t know, not leap to conclusions without enough info or diagnose here. Thanks.