My anxiety is back

It has flare ups from time to time where I’ll start getting badly stressed out about things I shouldn’t really be that stressed about. Honestly depakote doesn’t work fantastically for it. For anxiety and depression it does help, but it’s like a less good version of Zoloft. I’m nervous to go up doses because in girls it’s known to cause weight gain and things like PCOS. I’m wondering if I could go back on Zoloft if I could find something to control my overactive bladder.

The Zoloft was what caused or at least triggered the OAB and when I tried to go back on it it just flared it up so bad again I couldn’t do it. But I realized it can be treated because seroquel improves it and when I was on seroquel & vraylar it was basically totally gone. So if I can go on something for the OAB, going back on Zoloft shouldn’t be an issue, and it worked way better for me than depakote and had no other side effects other than the bladder problem. I’ll talk w pdoc about it next appt.

summary: Zoloft is the best med I ever took for anxiety & depression but it gave me overactive bladder and flares it up very bad. However I’ve been on meds that accidentally helped with the OAB before so if I can go on one to treat it maybe then I can go on Zoloft no problem and go off the depakote, which works but not as well as Zoloft did.

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Depakote works extremely well for both depression and especially anxiety.
You must be on a low dose of Depakote.
What dose are you on?

Maybe you can go a bit higher.

My anxiety is back too, I just wanted to mention that I have been prescribed depakote before too. It was in the hospital and at the time lied and said it was making me tired to get off of it. I didn’t know it was good for depression and anxiety, maybe I should ask my pdoc about it.

I guess I should…just scared going higher will ruin it like how going higher with Zoloft brought on the OAB.

It’s basically doing nothing right now though like it’s pooped out. Though I did also go up doses on my modafinil and I read that modafinil can reduce the effects of depakote. So maybe that’s why :confused:

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