My anxiety around people has worsen a little

Especially with my colleague when I had to say something face to face with them.I get too anxious and couldn’t face them and think of what to say.I kept getting distracted lol

Anyone can give me some advice?

Change your beliefs about the situation… Use the change in your anxiety as a gauge of how well you are doing. Its a head game. Its all about pretending that your not afraid or nervous, even on the inside…

With time perhaps you can put the anxiety in your past.

Don’t let the failures get you down… Life’s just a game. Play it when you can.

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Yea,don’t have much choices since I have MI,need to accept it and just go do somethings and live life,thinking of mental illness less


Yeah hey tx you hear about tribesnext?

You could check it out. Some people have downloaded it. We havent gotten a game going yet.

Its totally free though. Something that people might start playing.

If you download and install and can see the server when you use the “online” shortcut… Let me know… A couple people live to far from good internet… Apathy can see the server list when he logs in…

Anyways just a thought. I know you like to keep gaming in check… But playing with us SZ folk online might be a little different. There is voice chat so perhaps it’d give you a chance to challenge your anxiety a bit.

Either way take care man. Good seeing you. I haven’t been up this late in weeks.

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If you have something to say to someone… try writing it down first…

I do that…

It helps me keep on topic. Also… I find if I’m in a busy place or it’s a busy time… I can’t stay on topic…

so I ask to talk to the person a little later in a more quiet setting.

Good luck and be patient with yourself.

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