My anhedonia has nearly dropped with few supplements and abilify

I’m on invega 234mg, abilify 15mg, 30g of l-glutamine to drop my blood sugar with water and liposomal c vitamin 3x1500mg for brain inflammation since of my leaky brain. I tested that multiple liposomal c vitamins also dropped my blood sugar, but got to level of shaking.
Temporarily, I’m also using one 200mg pill of ibuprofen for both inflammation and tension headache that was left after inflammation.

I’ll see what my blood sugar is in a few days since I’m out of test strips.
My head feels clear and face don’t feel numb anymore of invega use.



Abilify improved my negative symptoms by a lot but I cant take it anymore.

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Hmm…interesting that there is a link between high blood sugar and anhedonia. I have both. I never considered that controlling my blood sugar better might have a positive impact on my Anhedonia.

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