My ambition I will give up love

I don’t need love and I’m going to focus on real life. Disconnected bc of irony. But I can come back down just a blip. Ive been through worse. I have an angel i need to focus on.
What is my amount? What id my purpose?
I’m a mom. My greatest mission in the universe the thing i want more than anything in the UNIVERSE IS to be a great exceptionally great mom. No doubt, goal.
Ive got so many things against me rn. I need to come back down to reality… I love my kids
I love that theyre a part of me. I do love myself to a degree. But i see innocence that I’m supposed to protect they got me like a lion.
A very stealthy lion.
Best mom
Breakfast finished
Kids ready
Teach them useful knowledge
How to not be narcissists.
Love them.
I can re write my fate through God I hope.


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