My Alter Ego

So i have started an online alter ego to do things that i cannot do as myself that i want to but would ■■■■ up my life. I know its not smart or healthy but its too enticing to stop.

If you’re building an alter ego you gotta go all the way… practice those FBI interviews daily… memorize your fake social security number… memorize your childhood details, like your first pet etc…

(you know I’m kidding right?)


Is this a ‘catfish’ type thing. That’s bad, people just end up getting hurt.

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Im not sure just a way to help express surpressed feelings i suppose. Sometimes i feel really trapped in my circumstances.

Grand theft auto 5? I dont get what you could do online that would ■■■■ your regular life up if you didnt create an alter ego…are you trolling chinas space program under the secret identity of neh assa…

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You’re playing The Sims, too?


Haha not quite im just doing some o line exploring of my darker side. Im into bdsm but people in my real life dont really know about it.

My original alter was “Ocke Azley”… then somehow it got reintegrated… now I’m just “Azley” and I’m seriously considering legally changing my name to fit it. (me me me meeeeeee) I don’t know why I’m telling you this…

Have fun!!!.. don’t be a pervert :vulcan:

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