My almost freak out today

I went to a memorial picnic today for a local fisherman who passed. There was about 30 people there. I was lucky to know about half the people there so i had a good time. I felt as normal as i get. Everything was going well until i saw somebody filling a bunch of balloons with helium. My friend Jen said they planned on handing them out so we can release them with messages on them for the deceased. I got instant anxiety because i knew in my heart there was no way in hell i was going to let a balloon go. Balloons end up in the ocean and sea turtles among other animals eat them. Animals get tangled in the strings. And it’s also litter. I thought about refusing a balloon but i didn’t want to piss off the wife of the guy who died. I was really nervous. So they handed out all the balloons and i got mine. Everybody went down to the water to let the balloons go and i stayed behind in the picnic area. I was so happy to see 2 other people stay behind at the picnic area with me. They didn’t want to let their balloons go either, so we popped them and through them in the trash. It felt good and nobody noticed that i didn’t participate.


Sounds like you handled yourself well.

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That’s annoying. Reminds me of at weddings they let birds go that can’t survive in the wild. People…smh…

Good on you for not letting it in the water. I see your location on your profile we’re right next door from each other.

Do you ever fish out of captains cove??? I like fishing too and i’m trying to go fishing out of captains cove one of these days…I’ve done it before and its a fun boat to go onto. I caught 13 fish last time. Mostly sea robins, but also a sea bass, some porgys, people caught a small shark, and some bluefish too! Depends on the season though.

I’m also very eco-friendly and wouldn’t wanna put balloons in the water.

I have fished on the middlebank a few times. They are at Captain’s cove. It’s expensive for me so i don’t go more than a couple times per year. I actually prefer getting into my waders and fishing the shoreline. I usually fish anywhere between New haven and Norwalk.

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Nice! Good of you for thinking of the environment.

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That’s pretty sweet. Yeah middlebank! It is expensive but worth it 1-2 times a year. Plus I can walk there :smiley:

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