My afternoon coffee time

Guess from whom I got my coffee cup …


From the us !!!

Guess again, read what is written …

Lovely mother …!!

Correct !!!

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Mj i like ur lifestyle …!!! u are high functional…glad for u …!!!

Actually my life is quite restricted and for example not many people have visited me, I have good relations with my mother (have not spoken about that earlier), my father is not so functional at the elderly facility, I rather be positive psz than negative, because negativism is very hurtful, in many ways I love myself.


Are u still with her !!!ur mom.!! It iz bore to be alone…!!

I have telephone conversations with my mother every day, yesterday we talked about my depression yesterday …


U have good mental health services in finland… my cousin sister also lives in finland…!!!

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She iz in keimi.Do u know …!!

I probably visited there when I was a child …I have not traveled much in recent years …

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@mjseu Does your mom live in the same town as you?

That coffee cup is cute! My bf’s mom got me a coffee mug for Christmas!


My sweet mom died last May 31rst. May she R.I.P.

She lives in one town near my town, so quite close.

Oh thats nice @mjseu . Do you get to visit your mom?

I sometimes visit, but not recently because I have no car, few years ago I visited quite often.

I guess it would be too far to ride your bike. Could you take the bus?

I could take a bus, but she visits me sometimes.

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