My 45th birthday is this July.... How am I doing now?

Well I’m back. I used to visit this site 10 years ago. I had my first episode in 2000 while working with a state agency as a special agent dealing with narcotics. I thought I was being followed and I was being shot at. Today I realize that I may of been delusional. Why would they shoot at me (I now wonder)? I’m writing a book about my experience.

I’m a 15 year US Navy veteran (5 yr. active/ 10 yr. reserve active). I loved my military days. I partied often and had lots of friends. I used my GI bill and went to pursue my BS in Criminal Justice and then after leaving law enforcement pursued a MBA in Global Management. Later I obtained a Doctorate in Business/Marketing and in Law.

I hope to start my own practice this month if all goes well. I also have a biz doing research for others in just about all subjects ranging from liens on houses to global expansions.

I feel recovered. It took me a while. My last hospitalization was in Novato’s Canyon Manor Rehab (3 yrs.). I was a wreck. I’ve been out 3 1/2 years. I’m off conservatorship and can now become my own payee. Praise God!! I’m living in a nice coop next to the VA Med Ctr in SF. Life is good.

I’m single still. I’m trying to lose all this weight I’ve gained from the meds. I went to the gym today and can press 310 lb. with my legs. I’m strong. I haven’t been on a date in 4 years. I’ll be 45 yr. young this July. I’ve rented a suite at a nearby inn. We’re going to have a pizza party. I don’t drink liquor anymore (6 yr. sober). I hope no body brings any.

Well … that’s it for now. I posted enough. Thanks for reading! :smile:


good on you .
take care :deciduous_tree:

I think its how you are doing but were you being sarcastic?

A special agent in narcotics? with people following you shooting at you? Isn’t that part of the job?

Happy Birthday and God Bless you for helping make the world a better place.

From what you write, your posting name certainly describes you !!!

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