My 2 month hypomanic episode summary

Im in a down state right now which is crappy but i just deal with it with a lot of caffeine and try to trudge forward.

but it started in august , i had a random week of severe depression , kept seeing my death over and over in my head in so many different ways, random bouts of dry crying (super rare).

So I went for a massive hike a bike ride to get out of my head, and halfway through the ride I got a huge flood of ideas.
That I was going to be a professional animator, and all these ideas to start a production company, various cartoon tv series. How I was going to get the VCs that I knew to fund my venture, the team that I was going to assemble and so on.

These Ideas were non-stop for like 2 weeks.

It eventually morphed toward me also being a trap music artist.

I narrowly avoided spending a bunch of money, I signed up for a couple monthly fee things which Im able to cancel atleast.

after about 1 month I started entering a more agitated phase.
1 day my gf asked me for a massage and I just blew up and said “IM NOT A LABOURER!!!” lolol.
blew up on a couple of people.

then I was off and on agitated to euphoric for most of september.

ocassionaly heard voices but it was minimal atleast.

Then around Oct 5th I started to drop down quite a bit.

So in a nutshell I feel like a human Yo-Yo.

Now I have 4 weeks to finish a math course which Im almost done but I have like -100 motivation for it. So off to the library it is for me.


Da Level.


Props to you for being able to remember what you do in those states. My episodes are just a blur.

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I’ve gotten worlds better at breaking it up into parts. It used to all be a blur for me too. Also my gf will remind me of these too so that’s a big help.

I also use a notebook. And document as things are happening then I revisit it later to see what was normal and what was very much the episode running it’s course

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