My 15 year old's homecoming dance tonight tragedy

So tonight was Kalick’s 9th grade homecoming, found out someone laced the Hershey kisses with PCP and a bunch of kids got sick, high, and fights broke out. He only had 2 kisses, his girlfriend is 14 and he stopped her and told her something was wrong with them. The school didn’t check the treats before setting them out, someone cut into them and used laced white chocolate on them. Medics were called, Kalick and his date got the hell outta there via her stepdad getting called once the fights broke out. She has a panic disorder and he is bipolar, so they decided bailing was the best course of action (very proud of them, they’ve been together since 7th grade) and her stepdad decided not to waste the night but took them gocarting in their outfits. Mind you we’re in Wisconsin, and it’s chilly so he gave up his suit jacket to her since she was in a strapless minidress. But he started feeling sick, since I’m on bedrest I was sleeping so I didn’t get the text about them wanting him to crash at her place, which I had no qualms, but he called home and asked me to pick him up as he felt really weird. He didn’t want to potentially go crazy at her house, so at midnight I get my 14 year old to navigate and I do my best to drive with my blown hip, got him at 12:30 got home at 1am. He isn’t acting good so Kiefer says he’ll watch him tonight, th hey share a room anyway, but he is sweating and shaking, I told him to puke if he can, even if I gotta clean it up in the morning, get the drugs outta his system. Our family has never even smoked weed, so this is something none of us have ever experienced. I’m scared and you bet the school has explaining to do. If he ends up really messed up I’m gonna raise even more hell. I mean, I graduated in 2003, but even our school had teachers do the snacks and drinks, you don’t trust teenagers to not pull a stupid prank! Am I wrong to be upset and scared? I am just glad he noticed the offness pretty quick and stopped his girlfriend from ingesting tainted candy, because for her with her PTSD trauma past from sexual abuse, it could been catastrophic, and her stepdad has a newfound respect for Kalick. I’m so anxiety ridden right now I’m doubling my xanax. Cause I had to notify my correctional sgt husband via text about pop laced candy at a school, and he is pissed! His coworkers are all calling their kids to see if they,'re ok. Ugh, so scared and it’s just not good for me right now with my hip pain.

Oh no that’s terrible!

I’ve never tried PCP so I can’t give you any advice about it. But if his situation gets worse I’d suggest a trip to the ER, if you can.

But it was good of your son to protect his girlfriend like that.
It seems you raised him well :slight_smile:

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I appreciate you saying that about raising him right, it is the opposite of what one of my pdocs said before I got rid of her a few months ago. She said it was irresponsible to have kids after being diagnosed as sz at age 11 unofficially. She said I am going to provide nothing but a painful life for him and his siblings (we chose to have them 17 months apart) and my husband was irresponsible for agreeing to even have kids with me. We’ve been a couple since 2000, I was 15 and he was 16. We got married in 2003. She said that I’d better hope we never divorce because she said she’d fight to make sure he’d get full custody and I’d only get supervised visits. So for people to say we’ve done good for being young parents, it helps thank you.

And if he does start showing bad signs I’m 911ing it. He’s got 50 pounds on me and he’s 6’1"
Kiefer could take him as they’re about the same size and Kiefer is built like a linebacker, but no 911 will be the call. Hubby is gonna check in him at 7am when he gets home from work, but now I’m gonna be up for the night with worry.

That was an awful thing to say to you!
Schizophrenics can make perfectly fine parents as long as they do what they can to remain stable, and make sure their kids know they’re loved.

And I’ve met plenty of young parents who’ve done just fine.
My brother’s girlfriend had her daughter at 15, and she’s a wonderful child.

I’m gladyou got rid of that pdoc

Well I went off my Zyprexa in March even though I told her I was gonna do it and she flipped her lid
I am drug resistant, so she put me on vraylar and I had a throat and tongue swelling reaction and she kept telling me we’re gonna up it to 6mg and just take a ton of benadryl. That was the end of it. I filed a complaint it against her, and so did my therapist in her office. She is on her third strike, but our system can’t keep procs. I luckily got into a the newst hire, she read my file and said, we’ll treat your anxiety, and until your hip is surgically replaced we’ll keep you off sz and antipsychotics since they don’t work or I have horrible reactions. She’s young and understanding, she said we’ll just up the xanax every month till the physical healing is done, then we’ll talk about drug trials since I will qualify once I’m out of the physical pain and able to walk again. She’s really nice and she made me cry how understanding she was. She said being unmedicated unless the homicidal tendencies start to flare and I promise not to cut myself again, she’s cool. But if I decide I can’t take the voices, I asked her I’d a mixed drink a night would be ok, she said just not within 4 hours of the xanax, and I said no problem. She’s been my best one. I’ve been thru 4 in the last 7 years because of turnover and then the one I got rid of. I haven’t actually drank since like August, but it’s an option. I was unmedicated from 11-23 anyway, I’m 34 now. So yeah I drank a lot as a teen in high school, but that stopped once I miscarried at 16.


parents are typically chaperones at these events

so not sure how that got by. I’d let your husband handle it,
you’ve got enough to deal with.

Kalick said it was only a few parents, but a ton of teachers. So I’m not sure, I’m just pissed, but yeah, mama bear is gonna have to let hubby go in with all his gear on and talk with the principal, this is unacceptable. He had to cuss at a teacher to get them to follow him over to a girl that had her kneecap broken by one of the fights, they forgot about him once they saw her knee, but really? They weren’t even breaking up the fights. So a total of 5 ambulances took kids before they got a ride home, ridiculous.

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PCP is a horrible drug. I have never willingly done it. I once smoked a joint that was laced with PCP. I was not aware of it while I was smoking it. Moments after I felt very paranoid, similar to a really bad episode of psychosis. I’m sorry to hear your son had to deal with that. The feeling lasted about 8 hours but it took me about 3 days to really start feeling “normal” again. Some people think it’s funny to see how others react on it. It is not a good experience.

Your son deserves props and I hope he feels better! So sorry he had to go through that. It sickens me that some people would gladly set others up to go through traumatizing experiences for “entertainment”.

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What the heck that is absolutely horrifying!
I’m so sorry! That is not okay.

If this situation gets worse, please take him to the ER. Also you have raised an amazing son. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

That was a rotten thing to do. I hope they catch the culprit. I don’t know how much liability the school bears for the incident. I guess if it comes to it they would decide that in court.

I’m sz, and I didn’t have children, but it wasn’t on purpose. I just never got around to it. Sometimes I wish I could experience having a couple of kids whose well fare mattered more to me than my own, but it is too late now. I’ve sometimes joked that I could be a good wrestling coach because I know every mistake you can make in training for that. I think it would be the same for me being a parent.

He ended up being ok, I appreciate everyone’s concern. He slept till 1pm the next day, felt queasy, but ended up ok. They aren’t even looking for the kid, and then I found out my half sister’s dad was a chaperone…he told her all about kids getting sick but didn’t know why, and he had no idea I have a kid at th that school…all his kids are in their late 20’s so no idea why he was there. Just another stupid thing for the school.

But the girlfriend’s mom made her break up with Kalick yesterday because of homecoming. Like it was his fault. I feel so bad for him.

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Hey, I just saw this, and I’m so sorry all this has happened to you. You should be proud of your son and yourself for the way you both handled this.

And your pdoc was way out of line saying that nonsense. I have had schizophrenia since 14, and I am in the process of adopting a child. The stigma is real, and I had to jump through a few extra hoops, but it just goes to show no diagnosis alone is a disqualifier. What matters is each person’s own coping skills and functioning level.

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