My 11 Year Old's Art

She calls this pastel drawing, “Daddy Dancing With His Girls”

This is my Picasso! I lurve it!! :sunny:


I really believe my daughter Anne is going to make some noise in the Artistic Community one day.

She’s so gifted for her age, it just bowls me over sometimes.


the imagery is right on…shows great talent !! I agree with you…she will be a fine artist one day !!

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Thanks, Juke…

My daughter was about to throw it out! She was pretty ‘meh’ about it. I rescued it from the garbage and put it up in the kitchen.

You could always scan it and build her a digital portfolio…


I think it’s great too.

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It’s really great!

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Love it, love it.

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I love it! :relaxed:

@Patrick It looks like you’re busting this move.


That’s amazing. They may be ‘stick people’ but you can see they have a soul.


Daughter Anne also drew this Parrot from scratch when she was only 10 years old…

Anyhoo, just a proud Dad showing off his kid’s shtuff…


My wife just took this pic of me and the kids…life imitating art… :wink:


Anne is on the right. As you can tell, she looks ‘thrilled’ to be in this picture! lol!

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Pixel PM’d me some of his fantastic adolescent daughter’s creative work…to which I replied…

There’s just such a beauty to childhood/adolescent Art and creativity…

It’s all free from drugs, booze, racism…etc…just pure unadulterated energy!

Kids don’t ‘overthink’, they just go for it! Whenever I’m in the zone
creatively, I try to keep it simple, and remind myself to think like a

Some of the most amazing paintings are just a few brush strokes…the
greatest songs only 3 chords…the best photography keeps the audience
guessing and wanting more…etc.


But that’s the trick to being a parent. You try to learn from your own parent’s mistakes when raising your own kids.

I was very good at many things growing up, but my parents were always kinda ‘meh’ about my accomplishments. So self-confidence was never instilled in me…I’ve spent my whole life second guessing myself.

I tell my little girls often of how proud I am to be their Daddy. I want them to realize their true potential some day. And I’ve got keen eyes and ears…I’ll know which direction to encourage them towards. But ultimately they will decide their own destiny.

I just want them to know whichever direction they choose in life, I’ll be right beside them all of the way.

Girls especially need self esteem. I plan on instilling that within both of them so in adulthood they never settle for less than they are worth.


Yeh, I basically do a 180 from what my messed up mom did with me. I’m glad she gave birth to me, but that would have been a good point for her to walk away from the project and delegate.


You are so excited about your daughter, patrick. You have talked a lot. We understand your love for your daughters.
(Sorry, I have mistaken you for pixel.)

What a beautiful family you have. Bless-ed be, all of you.

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So artistic for such a young girl!

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