My 10 short-term better habits to do

  1. Stop reading too much into the label, but accept it and life as it is.
  2. journal daily, write short-hand, exercise at least 15 min per day starting out
    Got the “Schizoaffective Disorder Journal” from amazon recommended on a facebook group…
  3. Stop thrill chasing, dont use dating sites, let life play out and dont seek things to fill the gaps
  4. like no gambling, no drugs (4 months sober/clean) and take my medication every day
  5. start to attend the nami peer-to-peer group over zoom/class
  6. do one creative thing every day, and clean one thing up every day
  7. try to brush teeth 2-3x a day, take a shower once every two days
  8. dont worry about socializing with friends or feel obligated to do anything for anyone but self
  9. continue writing poems and screenwriting, learn animation and movie making
  10. sign up for a class or two online and learn stuff

Things to avoid: twitter too much, culture war/propaganda, conspiracycrap theories, deathmetal, youtube, anyone I dont know on facebook or who randomly gets my number somehow…scammers…and phonecalls from unknown numbers.

Things to look forward to----everything thats not in the above paragraph…the world outside the internet.


Some decent goals.

I’m always trying to make my life better and recently I’ve been at sea because I’ve had too much on the go. I do well and better than most but stress is my biggest downfall. I feel like I’ve been pulled from pillar to post with life and I’m just hanging on…

Enough of that. I’m working on reorganising my time so I’ve hobby time. Movie time. Gaming time. Things I still enjoy doing but I’ve been avoiding because of things in my life.

It’s important to live an enjoy life. And sometimes for people like me lists are great if your accountable and you’ve a genuine desire to do better…

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