Must quit coffee cold turkey. It’s MY only way

There will be a long and bad headache… which isn’t ideal while monitoring for Covid; but I need this change. My life or health anyway is in shambles.

I see my primary physician in an hour… he’s going to be so upset with me…

Just thought I’d share where my head is at…

And look… I haven’t always had my head on straight here… but I am Sz and do like the written word , so you’ll just have to accept my mea culpas

: )


Why are you quitting coffee? For physical or mental health?

Why is your doctor going to be upset?

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Poor sleep, which isn’t going to help my blood pressure, especially today, plus I gained weight bc I went on seroquel as an add on which for me anyway increased appetite. The weight gain raises blood pressure too.

I’m already on two meds for it and the doc is seemingly running out of med candidates due to the mental meds I’m already on.

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Try and switch off the seroquel with your drs approval onto something else. I’ve lost weight on Haldol and Loxapine

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Just got back. My blood pressure was good! The meds for it are working!!

I gained almost 20 pounds in 4 months though.

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Oh man. Seroquel made me gain 90 pounds in a year

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