Must be a Sunday

:scream_cat: don’t you sleep in your magic country!? :watch:

I’ve been sleeping in patches the last 12hrs or so.

I’ve had 3 mugs of tea
Good morning


It’s 3am here and I’m wide awake…

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Well if your bored you can see if you can get any of the colours to work on the forum. That should put you to sleep pretty quickly.

I don’t know what that is?

Doesn’t seem to work anyway. Some BBcodes, markdown and html codes work on the site. Can be fun to play with.

Hmmm too techy for me. I’m also on my iPhone so… I hope they make an app.

I just watched football all day. Love sundays. Work tomorro though.


Have good day at work tomorrow
Raining here.


Ahh Sunday. The day of rest. I’m waiting on people to wake up so I can’t get a ride back to my car:

Was talking with and old friend. Got her number. Said we should hang out. Her response “not until you get a job.”


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