Mussel*******how are you

**Dear @mussel~
know you are having a rough time right now.
Hope things are improving for you everyday.
Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you.
Much love OO :heartpulse: **


Thanks for your thoughts…

How am I? Well…it’s a day to day struggle and to be honest it’s hell. I’m pretty much alone in the world right now…family…thought I was close with…friends…none. Don’t know why. I’m hurting to the core and incredibly vulnerable. Just trying to get by day to day but I’m just not used to scraping by like this. I’m honestly so readily trusting by nature that I’m lucky I haven’t been rolled for all I’ve got again…yet.

Do you want an honest answer? I’m mortally wounded, shot to the moon, can’t make it alone, confused, afraid have little in the way of the kind of useful knowledge it takes to get by in the world.

Thanks for caring.

Just me and a big orange cat ho’s been through it with me now for nearly two years.

**I am so sorry @mussel!!!
Hugs for you!
Don`t know what happened, but just know that we are here for you and care…
Are you getting any help
? **

Mussel. Never give up in whatever circumstance!

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