Musings on schiz forums


In terms of this site and how it compares to others i found the following to be true with some contradictions on the way

The site is on average more pro med than others
There is a large user base that post frequently
The feed back system is about right ( likes , etc)
On average the users tend to be dealing with their dx for quite a while

Users have largely their own opinion on matters , more bubly than other forums.

However for such a pro med site , i find that people post less on meds and more on philosophical and religious matters. I find sites that are more anti meds do not post no where as much on these matters. Thats not a criticisim just an observation. Other sites tend to post more on practical matters yet have a generally unscientific outlook on the illness. Seems like a contradiction.


it might be because we’ve been dealing with it for longer and so have somewhat settled into a med regimen and are have gotten used to the side effects? just a thought. once you’ve got most of your symptoms under control it leaves you free to ponder i guess…dunno. good post.


Thank you for your contribution. It is a very interesting observation.

As for pro-med or anti-med, there was one member who worked for club house said something like non-clinical is essential for recovery. Those non-clinical included activities, sports, journal writing, social interaction—I thought so.

Take me as an example, I was diagnosed more than a decade ago. Once medication is stable and after spending the initial several years dealing with it, I am bored at discussing medication or most of the time, its symptoms.


Diagnosed at 17- now I’m almost 30.

I’ve got my meds leveled out… I’m happy with them… there is only so much I can say at this point. My med tinkering is very slight compared to how it used to be… plus… I’m clean and sober… that makes a difference too.

I’ve got some of the more hard hitting symptoms under better control.

Now it’s just catching up with the years I’ve missed.
Over coming the social and functioning issues I never developed before.
Trying to avoid behavior that will set me back again… or bring on a relapse.


Yes, this is overall a pro medication site, but that’s ok.
Meds have hurt me as much as they helped me - it’s really all about the psychiatrists, and how they prescribe the meds.

In my opinion, this is the best mental illness site around.
It is very easy to access by smart phone and tablet


I use a smartphone and it works great. I’m also on a swedish forum. I like this forum because it is so mixed. Carefivers and sz and bipolar and sza in one big family. Everyone is nice. You usually get answers quickly when posting a topic. It’s good that it is not all medicin focused.

I became ill in 2010, I was 32 years old.


Thanks for your observations.

I think what you interpret as “pro medication” is really just a focus on pro-treatment (whatever your treatment approach is that works and has some good science behind it) and most people here are also pro-recovery.

Most people want to get better here, to improve their lives, or at least enjoy as many days as possible.

I also think that generally people are functioning better here. Many people on the forums are working. In the future with better treatments I hope more and more are able to work - and I think that will be the case.


Yeah i agree , there is a good age range here , that have clear personalities , not your usual cardboard cut out, of people with schiz.

I always feel that people who manage to keep their personality intact are generally better functioning.

I also think that subtle differences in the way the forum posts appear support a better forum. What makes the forum a good resource imo is
no hugs ,
the last user to post tagged on threads , as opposed to the thread founder
No role call

These are all good calls. Some other forums are setup so the most needy and dramatic are allowed to dominate forums. Fostering unhealthy behaviour for everyone concerned. This forum because of how it works lends itself towards more ‘goal’ oriented behaviour.


I thought that too. I’ve been on another sz forum but its so inactive its almost dead. Here there is always new posts every day, I like that.


I don’t actually understand why there aren’t thousands of people regularly on this forum.


We actually have a few thousand registered users now - but not everyone logs in every day… But - user numbers are growing quickly so I expect you’ll see even more activity over the coming months.

We just moved over to new discussion forum software about 6 months ago - before that the software was pretty bad - so many people were turned away by that older broken software. Now we support mobile (smartphone and tablet) use on our web site - so its easy to check messages and participate from your phone.


the thing i dislike the most on this site is the wierd alien guy…" dark sith "…wow, what a looney…!?!
take care :alien: