¡Musica con Fuego! Music with fire!

This only has 860 million views

Havana puts it to shame

Then again Havana is older

Really? Would you dare? I wouldnt dare to, i dont think i would have the courage.

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Pre sz I would have. My ex husband worked a different shift than me so I did stuff all the time alone.

I went to a charity event hosted by Indians by myself though I do admit I was uncomfortable there bc I was the only American there. This one woman went out of her way to make me feel comfortable though. I figured I’d see others there.

They had dinner after a presentation. I left b4 dinner. I should have stayed bc I love Indian food. The lady who was nice to me urged me to stay but I was just too uncomfortable

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That sounds brave! I do dare to do things alone, but im rather shy. So a dance event would be too scary. There is a latin summer party of some dating site i would like to go to, but im afraid i will stand there all alone the whole evening in a corner looking pityable (if that is a word). I did go to a womens evening yesterday, but it was so organised that people werent alone.

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Do it!!! Go to the Latin dance party!!! Hispanic men are gorgeous!!!

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Hahaha well im not sure this one has hispanic men, because it is only for this website. But other such parties do. And yes, i do fall for the darker look as well. My sons dad had a mediterranean background. Visiting latin parties would be a nice idea.

But…how do you actually contact people on such events? Can you actually walk up to someone? What do you say?

The girl I’ve been talking to online is Latina. She said she likes reggaeton and hip hop as her two favorite genres. I told her she was my type and she said what do you mean I said I really like latinas and that made her like me a lot I think. I wasn’t sure if it was an appropriate thing to say but it’s the truth and she seemed to like me saying it lol. Now I’m just waiting for her to text me. She said she would this morning and she read my last message too but hasn’t texted me yet. But I’m not worried rn. I really like her.

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My daughter’s half sister is spunky. My daughter (whose dad is Ecuadorian) is very spunky too. I think Latinas are spunky maybe.

My daughter is in the middle. She has a smirk on her face.


She’s def cute she looks like the girls in my class at school there’s a lot of young Spanish girls in my class. But they’re really young like 19-20 years old

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Nice pic of your daughter! What does spunky mean?

I wonder if my kid will look Dutch or mediterranean when he grows up. He is now darkblond but with a slight tan, iin between his dad and me. But will probably get more dark still.

Yeah. My daughter is 22. She’s only actually 33% Native American (South) like 3% African and the rest white but when she was born she was really dark and had a full head of black hair.


Yeah the girl I’m talking to seems spunky lol good energy. I was talking about the outdoors and she said I LOVE the outdoors. And she kept writing LOVE in capitol letters and I thought it was funny.


Sorry. Spunky is like strong willed or high spirited. sprankje

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No sorry needed. And I dont have enough experience with latinas to know… :slight_smile:

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It’s probably just a stereotype ( stereotiep) but she and her half sister have the same dad and they’re both sprankje

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I dont know…But it is funny to see. I like that in women (men too).

My son is very calm and balanced, not temperamental, but strongwilled and thinking for himself. Is that spunky too, or is spunky more the temperamental, emotional, passionate type?

I would call that spunky.

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Ah okay! Then i understand. Are you yourself like that too? Or does she have it from their dad? I fear my son got it from both sides. :slight_smile:

Haha :joy:. I wouldn’t say I’m spunky. I know in the past I have spoken up against human rights abuses.

Example: I posted a link to a petition on Facebook to free Yusef Nadarkani from prison. He was put in jail bc of his religion basically. The same thing happened to Saeed Abedini. I won’t say more bc it would be a political or religious discussion but you can look it up.

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