Music: When you discover a new artist

How long do you listen to, and appreciate their talent for?

I tend to find a new artist, and I will obsessively listen to their music for weeks, and watch all the videos and interviews on youtube

Eventually I get bored and move on, but I guess that’s how music tastes evolve over time.

Does anyone else do this?


I can listen to a track over and over again yeah.

I used to watch mjackson interviews.

Right now I don’t have much drive with music.

i listen to a new artist for a few months, then i check out their new stuff when a new album is released. haven’t discovered any good new artists in awhile though. but then again, i haven’t really been looking either.

I still listen to the same artists since I was young. Some new ones.

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I wasn’t either, but I have split a family apple music subscription with a few people, and I can download anything

Since signing up I have probably downloaded 50 albums, which is more than I have done for years!

I only pay £5 a month for it as my contribution

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When i get interested in a new artist (which doesn’t happen often) i tend to listen to them exclusively, hearing as much of their stuff as i can, until i get bored with the whole thing.

The last two artist I discovered. I’m still listening to them. Just the time before I’ve stopped listening to music for a long time. So I’ve years of just the same folks, with some new stuff that didn’t attach to me.

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