Music That make you hopeful

This one bring hope to me and I hope it brings hope to all or some of you.


Thanks to Alexa I tried Arcade Fire, they seem to explore Big questions. For me it’s comforting to see in other people, especially since they ARE famous.

I’m also getting into Billie Eilish I think her youth coupled with the sense that she’s seen a few rodeos, it all makes her a more effective change agent. Unclear if that’s even an intention.

This music makes me feel good …

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The search by NF

This song reminds me of my old days

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Gregorian Chant always relaxes me. I love Dies Irae.


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This song and all its variations give me hope that one day I’ll love someone so much that I feel these lyrics are just for me and them.

Sigur ros is good

Just about any pop or soul song from the seventies puts me in a good mood.



I have always found They Might Be Giants to be groovy and topical songs which just radiate a certain charm. Good band to see live too if you get a chance. Check them out.

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A sort of “groovy” thing that caused a mental whiplashing for me is that back when I first got my driver’s license 24 years ago I was listening in my car (on Cassette), (since it was a used car), to Toad the Wet Sprocket’s, “Dulcinea” album. My favorite song quickly became “Windmills”.

Fast Forward to about 4 months ago and I successfully read 270 pages (out of 900) of Don Quixote. According to Bill Maher, who referenced it later after I had given up, its a book about “Love”.

Dulcinea is the Man of La Mancha’s love interest. I didn’t get far enough in the book to see what she’s about, but I’m on a mission to revisit and see how the author tackles such a dreamer giving and accepting love from the same person. Heartening is that both characters’ are in there 50’s if I think.

@everhopeful I know I reference you too much, but I’d be remiss because I think there’s a part of you that might get a kick out of a lot in this post.

[In other news it appears I’m pulling an “All nighter” : )]

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