Music that brings back memories (Good or Bad)

This song just randomly came on my laptop. It gave me a pretty vivid flashback of when I destroyed my tv because this song made me believe that the people inside the tv would stop talking to me if I did it. I was in a state, and I remember being obsessed with this song. I thought it was helping me to get rid of voices telling me bad stuff by getting rid of my tv. To me it sounded like my iPod was giving me the advice. At that time I actually thought that Apple were communicating through the music to me using this fancy device, and I was very protective of my iPod that I slept with it under my pillow thinking I was psychically communicating with it in my sleep - I had pretty weird dreams about this for some time. Strange.

It all seems so weird reading that back, but it happened somehow. FYI I hate this song.

Does anyone have a song that triggers off memories like that, or perhaps something really positive?


Use to make me think my Ex-Wife would come back into my life…
Good thing I was wrong about it.
Now I got an Awesome Girl with me and besides me :couple_with_heart_woman_man:


Bad:this scene is from a movie i watched about 10 years ago about a demon that possesses peoples body through touch, it flies around then enters a body… i seen it when i was in high school and it tripped me out for a while. i heard this song on the radio a few years ago and they said it was number 1 on the charts back in the 1950s in america

Good: this next song is something i heard recently within past few years and it makes me feel like i am ready for battle, with no intention to harm anyone just that it brings about a feeling that if i were to die or something it would be a honorable deed fighting enemies or something and i feel unafraid, kinda like a benevolent spirit is protecting me and that no matter what happens i will make it through the hardship


When I hear certain songs by any of these bands it makes me nostalgic about high school even though 85% of the time I was miserable during those years.

But I was at my friends house down the streets during the school year and we partied every weekend in his room, getting drunk and stoned and listening to Led Zeppelin, early Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Deep Purple, and even Supertramp.

The albums that bring back most good memories were “Animals” and “Wish You Were Here” and “Dark Side of the Moon”. But they also bring back sad memories of times before life got complicated, before schizophrenia hit. Me and my friend use to take acid whenever we could find any and Pink Floyd takes on a deeper meaning if you have taken LSD before. Especially if you listen to it when you’re actually on acid. So yeah, nowadays whenever I hear Pink Floyd on the radio it always takes me back to those days with a mixture of sadness and lost dreams.

Of course “Whole Lotta Love”, “Rock & Roll”, “Black Dog”, “Houses of the Holy” are a close second to Pink Floyd. “Smoke on the Water” is a cool song to hear when you’re drunk. “Back In the Saddle” and “Sweet Emotion” are definitely drinking songs.


I would find meaning in every song, I was in a such bad state that I would find meaning in my own gestures, blinking when with somebody would mean I gave a signal to the other person for something.

Moving my hands when talking with a person would mean that I comunicate secret messages to them but I was not aware of the message and i thought I would be misinterpreted. I wanted so bad to know what I comunicate throw my gestures.

I remember being ill badly and still smoking weed and drinking and staying with people who were a bad influence and the sad part is that I was so ill that I would not say a word, would not move, would try not to think because of telepathy.

I can’t remember much from them, but I do have some cool memories from when I was feeling better.

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I had just discovered this group and this album back in 2006 when my wife left. I listened to it obsessively and it became the soundtrack of my depression. This song in particular.

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