Music takes me back to high school, college, and sz

i have aerosmith “draw the line” on right now…I was about fifteen when it came out…man I was unhappy as a teen for the most part. some music like eighties music reminds me of college…other songs remind me of when I was ill…you?


yes. I cannot listen to Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest. My first hallucination was involving that song.

Oh yeah! Different genres of music always make me reflect on different phases of my life.

Punk music always makes me reminisce about high school and going to punk shows.

Emo always makes me think of my twenties and being in the military.

Bands like Megadeth and Iron Maiden remind me of my childhood.

right now I am listening to a brand new country rock singer…marcus king…he is really good…most times I try not to reminisce, reminds me of how old I’m getting…haha


i pretty much listen to every band ive ever listened to and im still discovering more here in my 30s. the old stuff like sublime im really sentimental about. went back to lostening to ska after fifteen years away.

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