Music is just too cruel

It makes me feel like I’m all thumbs and affects my everyday activities adversely.

I sometimes used to feel the same

C’mon chord, the oldest languange that has ever existed can’t be all that bad right?

There is music in every word spoken, listen now.

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I think musicians have to sacrifice a normie life for their work. Trying to do both can’t be done is what I’m saying - not done well. Either the music or the normal life suffers if one tries to do both.

But one has to build from the bottom up and not the other way around.

They are well dressed fools.

I don’t understand the expression “build from the bottom up”. Can you say it in other words?

Successful musicians buy any kind of life they want.

IDK. Listening to “Stairway to Heaven” makes me happy.

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I love music and listen to it everyday although I frequently think the song is about me or has a message for me be it good or bad. Sometimes it scares the shyt out of me.