Music is just a bunch of tinkle

After studying it all my life, I have come to this conclusion.


You mean the sound of fairies? My classical guitar sounds like that. Teeny.

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the sound of pissing on the floor.


Very poetic!



You never wrote music like Beethoven!

Music elevates me from a bad place to a good one, and from a good one to a better one.


Interesting conclusion. Would you like to elaborate on it?

My brief study of music led me to believe that much of it is like story telling. It seems to be based on conflict and resolution corresponding to dissonance and harmony, respectively, based on the physics of the harmonic series.Then, of course, there is timing and other elements.

The first inversion of C major, for instance, sounds very harmonic because it shows up so early in the harmonic series. The first minor chord shows up much later.

Of course you know all of this from a lifelong study, so in what way does it resemble the sound of urination? Genuinely curious.

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It’s a simplistic way of listening. I have lost all my trained ear.

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Oh, okay. Thanks for explaining. :slight_smile:

I find music adds poetry to life. House burning down is a bad thing… add some classical music to the same video and it becomes poetic somehow lol

I think it’s a pretty good thing and I think its here to stay.


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