Music is dirty

It just hit my ears that way today. Not always, though. I was trying to relax.

What do you mean by dirty? Bad words?

It causes a sensual reaction.

sexual sensual?

I’m sort of asexual. It was more like someone scratching my back.

I find secret messages in music when I’m off meds in the lyrics like I thought this Rihanna album was about me the talk that talk album. I love music but on meds it’s not about me anymore

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some music gives me a bad reaction too, i need to change the radio channel real quick.

I quit listening to pop/rock/hip hop music back in 2005. And I never looked back. My wife and I rarely listen to any music. Except our own. Guitar is her instrument. Keyboard is mine.

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After my last break I couldn’t listen to music or stand commercial jingles at all. Now, 6 years later I can listen to some but very selective. It causes what I think is a psychotic ear worm, gets caught in my head and morphs, very uncomfortable and causes lack of sleep.

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@glenngeeful I deal with that quite a lot it is certainly a pain in the butt

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When I had my first episode I remember listening to music and it sounded like something straight out of hell. It smelled hellish too, there was a sweet rotten smell wherever I wen’t. All my senses went haywire I guess. However when I got on meds my world stabilized and I was able to go back to music.

Now I listen to music almost every day. Got me a LP player which I never had before and the sound is really cool. Everything in moderation though. It’s tiring to listen to music for hours straight, so enjoy having it quiet as well.

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