Music flips the heart around like a toy


Or like a cat with a mouse.


Yes its very powerful, can lead the heart in the right direction - or can lead it astray


I stay away from sentimental music that brings me down…bring on the rock and turn it up !


Music is the knife that lets me cut through the clutter. I wish my hearing was better.



There was a mousetrap I heard about. The trap was some hind of contraption with wheels. When the mouse was caught, it remained alive + when it ran, it pulled the ‘toy’ around on the wheels. An entertainment for adults who watched with glee.




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Ew. Disgusting and unsanitary. A stressed rodent will be urinating frequently to leave scent markers warning of danger for other rodents. The deer mice in my neck of the woods carry hantavirus, which is being spread in their filth. If we see them out here, we dispose of them. Live traps are for city slickers.



rodents are vegans. I think that is part of the reason people are drawn to them.


Okay, you totally lost me there. How do you figure?



I fed them for years. So cheese drives them crazy -easy to mousetrap them.