Music coming off an African book

This morning. I hear some ill-defined tune coming from someone else’s computer. My mind somehow transforms the sound into African music, but I realised it isn’t possible fr that sound to be African music. Then, briefly, I adscribe the non-existent African music to a book, by an African author, that happens to be lying on the table. A cognitive disturbance perhaps?

I don’t understand dude

I thought the ‘African’ music was coming from the book because the book was by an African author. An absurd leap but which not only crossed my mind but briefly believed it.

Absurd, for sure

but what would you call it, mini-delusion, brief cognitive disturbance? Is this something that happens to you?

Mini delusion probably

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Thanks, I appreciate the input, Just trying to make sense of things

So what symptoms did you have and you were diagnosed with schizophrenia?

Visual hallucinations (not many), overvalued and delusional ideas, negative symptoms, acute self-disorder issues, feeling closer to plants (I “managed” to transfer my soul to trees) etc.

So maybe it was justified. Why do you still doubt your diagnosis?

Because part of me remains convinced I’m not human, and that I was sent by God and tricked by the devil

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That’s exactly the reason you are schizophrenic, dude

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