Music as a wellness tool

I find that music is my best wellness tools. I love rock! What’s your favorite genre? Do u have a favorite artist? Please share!

Right now my favorite band is Rainbow Girls. They sound so good. Really harmonuze well.

4 Likes check out the rainbow Girls. You’ll love their sound.

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I like hip hop
And r and b

My favorite artists though are Joey badass, Tyler the creator, Denzel Curry and a few others I like almost everything they put out as far as good rappers

However this is the song I can’t get enough of

When I listen to r&b I like singles more than whole albums.

I like classic rock too but modern music I think hip hop and modern r&b has gotta be my favorites

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Very cool song. Ever heard 4 non blondes. How about Janis Joplin. Mix those two together you get these girls

I don’t just listen to music, I’m a pretty good singer and guitar player, as well.


I use to hear that a bible character use to do music for its voices.

I like music, I listen to Spotify 24/7 even in the shower. I like hip hop rnb arabic dancehall reggaeton.


I really love Tech N9ne! I think he’s the GOAT of hip hop!

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I was called a tool.

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like me u live all music but hip hop is your favorite.

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Yes, I’ve heard of those artists. Love Joplin!

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Nice! I like to sing too mostly n the shower though.

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I know King David is a character n the Bible and he played the harp and wrote poetry.

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