Mushroom talking to me?

i DON’T KNOW if im schizophrenia or not because nobody talk about it even my dad but for the last 4 weeks i keep having ilusions and im having a girlfriend on my mind and i married her on my mind and she rapes me on my mind and my pe#n#i@ talks to me so i believe everything he said till know and sometimes like now i keep talking to cops in my mind and everything is crazy my di told me to eat the mushroom to take the delusions away so it would basically clear out the mind already, but this is so different! i was never like this before it was just : who , who is this, and what. now i that things started way when it started i thought i was a rockstar im from brazil but i live in united states i am half american and half brazilian so i dont know what to do im on this Lithium 3x 90mg and half haldol and 2 benadryl . i went to court and i won the doctor said im diagnistotic with schizophrenia but my ilusions didnt let me see if it was true or not i told it wasnt real its so different from before. I could study with adderall, but nobody never mention me to take adderall,
is this just an episode im having? right now im not in one, it happened 3 times and it got disactivated at least is fun i talk to my schrog and we watch tv but i put it out my mind and it stopped thats why im writing this, i dont want to take wrong meds , does someone know what medicine i can take im going to doc today thanks! i just freaking walk in school its get overwhelming and i start walking a lot can someone help ?? i just overdossed on adderall a year ago in the mids of summer . Im going to the psychitrian today at 3 what can i do ?! I smoke cigars . I NEVER DID MUSHROOM OR LSD!!! ok my concentration is really really bad its like im seeing everything connecting to my life , papers, laptop,everything so im not abusing nothing . i dont get it !

If your doctor said you have schizophrenia you probably have schizophrenia.

Your taking medication for it, maybe just give it time to work.

Good luck man!

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Your doctor probably knows what he’s talking about. How long have you been taking the medicine? It took me about 8 weeks to see an improvement from my meds.

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you talk to your shrog? perhaps your ■■■■■ is the mushroom that should be eaten? sorry :smile:

i totally understand you about the delusions of a girlfriend that is basically by your side already, in your mind. its totally unreal but happend to me too. and the more ■■■■■■ up part is that i actually saw like 5 such girls, from my dream, in real life. not 100% but lets say roughly 70-90%. never saw such girls in my life before. im schizophrenic though and youre probably also. talking to the cops “in your mind” might be like a reverse “hearing voices” and a positive symptom. you should take it easy with these delusions and tell your psychologist about it and your doctor. be honest to them. and stop taking drugs man they only turn you into a cretin.

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