Muscles or Meridians - both

Avoiding muscles has been my main aim throughout my martial arts career, I am a t’ai ji practitioner, not a WWF wrestling man. Even when I did Shaolin I chose the soft style, though couldn’t stand on my head and stick to the four months diet required to learn iron shirt. There are drawbacks to this. It means if you meet a really sick person, you can’t move, the energy just pins you to your feet, and me personally have a tendency to start blubbing, also t’ai ji is different from swimming, in that you take on karma (experience information) into your body, which is fine for diseases of the body, but not great for the brain, indeed my practice was one of the reasons I broke down in the first place. I’m no expert of styles, WWF seems like fun, but I don’t know where you can train, perhaps muay thai or kick boxing. Thank you.

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