Muscle weakness on Clozapine

Hello, I take 325mg of Clozapine every night at 10. I work 40 hours a week and sometimes I go to the gym, but I am very weak. I barely benched 132 lbs for 7 reps. I used to be able to bench 198 lbs for 2 reps when I wasn’t on any kind of medication. I sleep about 8 hours a night and 9 or 10 hours on my free days. I take a multimineral supplement(Calcium+Magnesium+D3). I also have muscle cramps from time to time, but they decreased since I started taking the supplement. Does anyone else experience muscle weakness on clozapine?
p.s. I’m male, 26 years old, 6ft and 225lbs(most of which is fat)

I take 300mg clozapine and have no problem except drooling

I’m on 300mg of clozapine every night, and it does make me tired and weak. I also have a few side effects during the day.

İ used to take daily 250mg clozapine for five years.its really good for excellent sleep.sometimes cause bedwetting and droolling.i m not sure if i experience muscle weakness or not but could barely stand for 30 minutes over my feet.usually i couldn t exercise and sweat like im in hell.i also developed dysknesia and amnesia while on this medicine.