Muscle stiffness/rigidity when jogging - antipsychotic?

I notice that towards the end of the jog my legs start feeling stiff/rigid and I cannot continue to jog it does not hurt it is a weird sensation in my legs and I was wondering if anyone knows what this is or if you have experienced this yourself

I stopped jogging now due to that problem but I used to be able to run 45-60 minutes everyday and it would start doing it towards the end and I have to stop

and something weird I notice is if I jogged at night it would do it sooner then if I jogged in the morning…

Do you jog outside or on a tread mill? When I run outside, I stiffen up do to how cold it is, but I’m better on a tread mill in the dead of winter. Warmer temps, less stiff. Do you drink water as you run. Dehydration can cause cramping.

I currently dont jog anymore but whenever I want to try and start again I can jog 20-30 minutes before it does it again and it doesnt matter if im outside or on a treadmill

how long do you jog and how much?

I jog about 30 minutes at any one time. I try for a bit every day. There is a park near by. My sis is a pretty quick runner. I would love to keep up with her. She’s also a faster swimmer… I’m a swimmer more then a land person. Do you stay hydrated as you run?

not really I was never really thirsty when I was jogging

People who run so much more then I do say they cramp when they don’t hydrate or have a banana for potassium.

Probably a side effect. I have the same thing. Just keep stretching, and try the treadmill…Works for me.

If you think a med is the culprit just study the side effects of the med you take.