Muscle spasms keeping me awake

I’ve been trying to go to sleep, but muscle spasms in my arthritic leg are keeping me awake. I googled muscle relaxant to see if there any OTC medications. Diana backache pills popped up. I checked Walgreens website and the closest store has them in stock. It was 9:30pm, and the store closes at 10pm. I got there at 20 til, and had an employee help me find them. I took 2 pills when I got home and the muscle spasms stopped. I’m now going to try again to sleep as soon as I wind down.


That’s great that you managed to resolve it. Are you going to speak to a doctor about it ? Because maybe taking a muscle relaxant long term isn’t safe ? :thinking:

Yes, I’m going to talk to my PCP about it. FYI I took the Doans pills at 8:30 tonight, and it’s 10:40 now, and I have got spasms again. It must have been a coincidence the spasms stopped after taking the pills last night.

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