My doctor told me to get multivitamins, so I went to the store and bought multivitamins. Although I think I got the wrong kind because these are dietary rather than mental.

Which leads me to the next comment

These things are so damn tasty. They taste so good it’s unreal. There’s no way you can only eat 2 in a day. They taste better than real candy. I’m sure that’s how they make money, by making them taste so good you have to buy a new bottle sooner rather than later. Oh well.

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Were they shaped like the Flintstones?

No those were really good too though. I remember those when I was a kid. They’re just regular gummies like gumdrop shaped :blush:

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All according to plan…


Read all ingredients on bottle and look up definitions many vitamins contain crushed up newspaper, sand, oils and artificial colorings.

You can taste something ‘differently’ sometimes but it is usually ‘off’ tastes. Is a bad joke. You can cause your kidneys or liver to shut down eating too much vitamin supplements. FLUSH IT. Go buy the kind you swallow whole.

Drink a bunch of liquid for a few days for a flush.