Multitasking when manic

Does anyone have a bad habit of multitasking when they are going through a manic episode? Right now I am reading,watching tv, talking on here and brainstorming for my book. Ahhhhh!!

Ha I do the same…I’ve been working on brutal covers of popular rock songs…example animals by nickleback has been brutalized into cannibals…all my friends are heathens take it slow 21 pilots has become all my friends eat people cook them slow…my gf has a band and I got a buddy who makes horror short movies…so plan on singing and making horror music videos for YouTube…prolly won’t share that here it would prolly be triggering as its horror related…any way wrote those cleaned played with the little one watched YouTube and been on here… So yea being manic is a double edged sword…I feel like I’m doing a lot but I’m just wasting time…what’s your book about?

It’s about a woman who is cursed to die and be reincarnated into a different body every time she falls in love

My mom has bipolar and she.goes on manic shopping sprees sometimes.

I have a half written book about something similar…when Lucifer fell he was cursed to walk the earth forever…so he ends up as a snake in the garden of eden…then sleeps in the nether and becomes judas…its about his reincarnations as famous historical figures throughout history… …his struggles with losing his connection with his creators love…struggling with his new power of free will and all our human emotions…falling in and out of love finding his soul mate and losing her so he looks for her soul and tries to be born again so he’s in her life ect …sorry turned into a rant…

That sounds awesome!

You can totally have it I’ll never finish that book…just mention me somewhere in it and send me a signed copy lol


You should finish it. It sounds really good

I lost my attention span and focus to finish any of my books…I feel very sad about this…I have 5 unfinished books…that one…a viking zombie epic…I love that one…its about a raiding ship that sends out their ravens they don’t return…so they follow the way they went…land on an island that’s been hit by the plague…fight off the horde of zombies loot and return to their ship but their leader was bit…and turns on the way home…so when they return they unleash the plague on their families…the leader is the half breed demi god of Loki and a human mother…so he keeps his functionality and can command his newly turned zombie vikings…I wanted to protagonist to be a zombie because you hardly see it from their point of view…it has politics battles ect…I even have its sequel started…since if you die in glorious battle the Valkyries scoop up the glorious dead and bring them to Valhalla… Spoiler alert lol So the main char dies at the end of the first book brings the plague to the realm of the gods…and all hell breaks loose…sorry I’m filling your thread full of junk…

No it’s good! Not junk at all! Don’t give up on your ideas. It has taken me 10 years to start writing my book.

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If you ever want to bounce ideas off someone or want feedback on anything feel free to pm me…I will be first in line to order your book when your done…always want to support another Sz who puts out anything…I really like the concept of your book death and reincarnation every time she finds love sounds like a very good movie to me lol

I can pm you a link to what I have so far if you want


I wrote a short story once…

The Carpenter and Horny are two handles used on the Internet. Each individual battle it out on different websites, culminating in almost Nuclear War!

But the Carpenter is the return of Christ, and Horny is the devil.

Christ wins…he beats Horny on a Speed-Chess website which deactivates the Atomic weapons and saves the world from destruction.

(It’s in the back of a closet somewhere in my bedroom)


That sounds awesome

Cool beans. I will pm you my updated version when I get home

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When I am speedy…I can’t focus on anything. Racing thoughts but nothing gets accomplished.

When it’s good for me, called manic? by some, I just call it the spring frinally wound tight and sprung, because just how long can that stinking depression last after all?

Too bad when the spring winds down I’m left with tons of projects started, that stop where they are.

I resemble that Disney character, the Tasmanian Devil, but without all the spit.