Multiple Voices

I have schizophrenia, and still hear voices. I’m not ashamed by this at all. It’s not my fault.

Is there anyone else with this diagnosis who gets multiple voices ? This tends to happen to me more so at night. Sometimes so bad I have to keep busy with my headphones in.

Would love to hear from anyone who gets this also.
Despite the medication I am on, which really does help me with some quality of life. I still get the voice’s. When there multiple voices it becomes very distressing


I get multiple voices while exercising only


On 12 mg Invega I just have 1 voice.
When I was on 9 mg I had dozens.

There is a reason why I keep taking the max dose. Multiple voices is an exhausting experience.


I had 4 voices before I started clozapine but now I only hear 1. What sucks is one of the ones that stopped was a “nice” one and I got stuck with the mean one.

I’m not diagnosed, but I have four constant voices, and several others who come and go. I’ve only had one nice voice, and he’s so rare I think he’s gone forever now, haven’t heard him in a long time