Multiple Trumans at Once

What if that is the joke, like pop culture is based off multiple trumans, all being referenced by a group of people who are in the know? Like, they’re an entire class of people as opposed to just one person

Thanks for adding a new fear🙃



The question is how many people
are in the conspiracy.
All beings? Some of them?

Thinking logically, you gotta wonder how they would keep it a secret

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I like to think that everyone is in the conspiracy
except my family.
If i think that my family is also in truman,
I get mad

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I’m not in on it. You’re probably not in on it. But some people might know something. Like it’s a secret among a select group of beings (could be another race that rules this place)

Sometimes I would think
it’s aliens

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this is dangerous thinking…I don’t like the way you guys are encouraging each other how to be delusional. there is no truman show. it’s just something that is schizophrenic like…and then there’s the matrix…bah…


You know I felt it yesterday,
As one look into microscope or telescope it is infinite,
same goes with human existence,
We are not sure from where we have come and not sure where we are heading,
All I know its infinite,
In both extremes, hopefully its not a loop, “try and error and retry” till the valid state is reached.

Living in the current moment is all, one has to do.

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Well that’s just gone and mashed my head up.

Off to bed at 515pm and taking a pill to feel right again.

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Synchronicity can explain the Truman Show delusion.

Everything is connected.

E.g. a swarm of birds might fly east from a storm coming from the west.

Or things occur at the same time


We only see a fraction of reality… just a tiny bit. Birds see different spectrums. So there is much more we cannot see or know. Maybe about 99,99%. But we cannot function if we have all the signals at once… my psych told me that the meds close the gaps on the holes where too much information flows into the brain and overwhelms it. So no-one really knows objective reality.

But without meds it is hard to function, so I need them.

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