Multiple Personality Disorder

Yes, lots of people confuse MPD (DPD?) with schizophrenia.Yes, it’s a common misconception. Something to get annoyed at. But if you think about, every time I hear someone with schizophrenia get mad and insulted at being confused with multiple personality disorder it makes me think; why get mad? It’s like were insulted and outraged at being accused of having MPD. But is it realy an insult or just a miniscule error? Like we schizophrenics are putting ourselves in the position of being BETTER than people with MPD. Are we realy better or superior to them? Sure it’s an error. But they’re both mental illnesses, but is our disease superior to theirs? Does anyone see my point? Where does the outrage come from?

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That’s a good point, I never thought about that before. I get mad that sz is called multiple personalities. For some reason I feel insulted by it.

Multiple personality disorders have psychosis like symptoms including hallucinations, i am wondering what type of psychosis they have except hallucinations. Do they have delusions alike schizofrenics?

My 12 y son says sz is the same as MPD. He says I don’t have sz, he says I’ve had psychosis.

I don’t get into discussion with ppl who think it’s the same thing, I’ve tried but they are usually convined it is like that and won’t change their minds. I don’t get upset about it, just a little sad because they can’t listen to me.

MPD or dissociative disorder is a very controversial diagnosis. Critics say (a) Why the massive increase in cases since the 80s ? (b) why people with 30/40 or more alternate personalities in many cases when it was unusual to have more than one at one time?
© why is the distribution in terms of % being diagnosed so variable from country to country?

The outrage comes from the fact that people on society intentionally mix in schizophrenics with MPD totry and make us look like dangerous people. It’s not a simple misunderstanding…it’s ignorance by common people and an intentional effort by others in society to sell movie tickets and legitimize hate.