Multiple personality anyone?

I was diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder by the age of 3. Her name is Abigail, she got me into a lot of trouble when we were younger but eventually we “played nice.” lately however she’s been getting really angry and aggressive and apparently with a high sex drive. I wake up some mornings in a random guy’s bed. Idk how to tell my boyfriend what she’s been up to or how to cope with her new attitude, I get all of the consequences and she gets off free…

Ah. I’m sorry. Sounds hard to deal with.

Only got one and it’s not popular. Wish I could figure out how to trade up.


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I have a third one but he doesn’t come out much. He’s on and off

yes i have it. according to my last meeting with the psychiatrist, it;s incurable…she is not a fan of the “therapy cures all” school and worries that therapy may open another whole new can of worms for me to deal with…and she was partly right. my husband (now dead) and my children wre the first ones to spot it. they would tell me that i had done x,y,z and i would swear blind that i hadn’t as i had absolutely no recollection of doing any of these things. luckily she is quite nice by all accounts, just different to me. she buys the kids stuff which can be annoying if i’m skint but it’s nothing too serious for me to consider as far as they are concerned. she has burnt me with cigarette ends, cut me with a knife…this was when therapy started so i had a meeting with my psychiatrist, therapist and cpn and it was decided to halt it for now…that is what my psychiatrist meant by opening a can of worms. she says there is no such thing as recovering repressed memories, reintegrating both personalities and living happily ever after. she says you repress things because you simply cannot cope and reintroducing them to the host personality isn’t always a good thing and does not affect happy closure in a lot of cases…as far as i#m concerned the jury is still out on that one. i quite frankly am sick of turning round to drink my coffee and finding half of it gone with no recollection of having drunk it, or waking up in the morning wth a new injury. i think she needs help but she is not getting it from my psychiatrist… and i don’t know which avenues are left open to her or me on the national health service in the uk. ,multiple personality disorder is very rare and not many public sector psychiatrists know how to deal with it as its not something they see every day…am thinking of looking for a private psychiatrist and trying that route instead or aswell as. maybe i#'ll let my public sector shrink deal with my voices and a private shrink deal with the m.p.d. and see where that gets me.


I’d say enjoy while it lasts. Just make sure you’re safe.


love the quote

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while I am aware that I used to behave quite differently around different people, its never been an issue.

Something happened though that got me scared. I got a call from a doctors clinic saying that I called them about a test and left a message on their answering machine. I checked my phone, and yes I did call, a morning. However I was asleep during the time.

That leaves me with having made a phone call to someone not on my phone list, so most likely not a mis dial. Ive read online about people making phone calls in their sleep, but its still weird. It hasnt happened since, and maybe its a mistake on the secretarys part, but scary stil.

this is my only case of that ever, not like @jaynebeal. Im also completely free of voices, which makes it even weirder if I was in a fuge state.

Nope. One monotone persona here. Haha.

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This must be so hard to cope with.

Just one personality here.