Multipersonalities of world politics

I have been following the President of the Russian Federation, Putin, since 1999, 15 years. He came to the power after the successful military operation in Chechnya in the fall of 1999. Every time he uses the military to counter some threats to the Russian Federation, his approval ratings go up. It has been witnessed many times in the past and Russians want a strong leader as I wrote on the Usenet in the summer of 1999. In August 2008 after the successful military operation in Georgia his ratings skyrocketed. Today, they have the situation in Ukraine and Putin’s response in Krimea and elsewhere in the eastern Ukraine has risen his approval ratings. So these sanctions by the EU and the USA are counterproductive, because more sanctions they try to enforce, more Putin’s ratings go up while the approval ratings of some Western forces, Obama, Hollande, Merkel go down. Basically they achieve exactly what Putin wants, because Russians love Putin. I do not know why these powerful world politicians are so stupid. Putin understands that what Russians think is most important for his power position.

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